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The pilot project Vienna Club Commission provides services and agency along the lines of similiar institutions in Berlin, Amsterdam or Zurich. It benefits Vienna's club culture to the fullest. We offer mentoring, workshops, know-how, a pool of experts as well as networking and intermediation between all actors of club culture.

On the 01.01.2020 the Vienna Club Commission kicked off. In the first phase, the pilot project had to find out what the organization should look like. The pilot project was extended by a few months at the beginning of 2021. The Fortschrittskoaliation für Wien has decided that the pilot project will be evaluated, repositioned and there will be an invitation to tender.

The team of the pilot project ends its work with 31th november 2021. It was funded by the Vienna Department for Culture MA 7.

The new Vienna Club Commission is funded by three business groups of the City of Vienna. These are Culture, Economy and Youth. The controlling will be taken over by the Vienna Business Agency (Wirtschaftsagentur Wien). The funding will amount to 3 million euros for five years. The Vienna Club Commission will be put out to tender and is expected to start work in 2022.

The Team

Martina Brunner

Martina Brunner, 1994, who founded the initiative N8BM, campaigned for a service agency for the Viennese club scene and also submitted a petition.

Laurent Koepp

Laurent Koepp, 1988, event organizer, has co-founded the event series Tanz durch den Tag, the Aufwind Festival and has organized events with more than 10,000 visitors.

Stefan Niederwieser

Stefan Niederwieser, 1979, journalist, was editor-in-chief of The Gap magazine for many years, works freelance and submitted the research report "Clubkultur Wien".

The fact that a Vienna Club Commission could be founded is thanks to many active people. This is an approximate chronological listing.

Club scene: Coalition of the scene in 2016 for the abolition of the entertainment tax ("Vergnügungssteuer"), facilitation of organizing events, symbolic election of a night mayor at the Aufwind Festival in the summer of the following year, etc.

Neos Wien: Neos party of Vienna demand a night mayor in 2016, following the model of Amsterdam.

Grüne Wien: The green party of Vienna held several round tables in 2017 at the City Hall on topics of club culture

MA 7 Kultur / SPÖ Wien: A music advisory board of MA 7 ("Musikfachbeirat") has been awarding public funding to local club culture for the first time since April 2018

Initiative N8BM: interview series, panel discussions, political meetings, petition in the city council 2019

IG Fort: open meetings of the club scene in 2019 at the Arena Wien, paper with demands and election of a steering group, meeting with SPÖ Vienna and Grüne Wien 

WKO Wien: presentation of a study on the Viennese night time economy, announcement of a single contact point in July 2019

MA 7 Kultur: promotes the research report "Clubkultur Wien" published October 2019 by Stefan Niederwieser and Yasmin Vihaus

Vienna City Council: unanimous decision by all parties in the Vienna City Council to fund the pilot project Vienna Club Commission on 19th December 2020 

mica - music austria: mica leads the pilot project and director Sabine Reiter assembles a team of the Vienna Club Commission. The team starts its work on 1st January 2020

The Vienna Club Commission started its work on 1st January 2020. The goal was to implement several projects within one year. Therefore, several surveys were conducted. They should provide evidence of what the scene, the city, other service agencies, interest groups, etc. expect from a Vienna Club Commission and how it should be set up in a way that it is useful to all stakeholders.

Survey of the club scene's needs ("Bedarfserhebung"): A survey of needs clarified which services are most important for the scene and where the focus should be set.

Link to Bedarfserhebung der Clubszene

Survey of other service agencies in the event sector: 63 interviews with municipal departments, service agencies and interest groups (Betriebsanlagenservice der WKO Wien, Gruppe Sofortmaßnahmen, Magistratische Bezirksämter, MA 7, MA 18, MA 36, MA 42, MA 48, Sucht- und Drogenkoordination der Stadt Wien, Wirtschaftsagentur Wien, Wirtschaftskammer, WienTourismus, Vienna Film Commission, etc.) were used to write a report. This report had the goal to avoid duplication and to outline possible cooperations for the Vienna Club Commission.

Link to Bericht: Wiener Servicestellen im Club- und Veranstaltungskontext

Survey of international service agenies in the club cultural field: Ten service agenies in eight cities were interviewed about the advantages and disadvantages of their organizational structure, their areas of responsibility, their focus and best practice projects.

Link to Bericht: Internationale Servicestellen für Clubkultur

District report ("Bezirksbericht"): Cultural manager Martina Kuso interviewed all 23 mayors of the district by June 2020 about the relevance and challenges of club culture in the district. Most of the interviews were conducted in person. The district report ("Bezirksberich") was published in October 2020.

Link to Bezirksbericht

Know How: The Vienna Club Commission edited various Know How on topics such as open airs, residents, the new Vienna Event Act 2020 ("Wiener Veranstaltungsgesetz"), sponsoring as well as best practice interviews.

Link to Know How

Networking: networking meetings and focus groups, mostly held via Zoom.

Link to current events

Workshops: Workshops were held on the Vienna Event Act 2020, the City of Vienna's funding program for club culture, and on Music Cites as part of the Waves Vienna Conference.

Link to current events

VCC Radar: The VCC Radar makes it easier for event organizers to keep an eye on Vienna's music venues. A search function makes it easy to find the right space for an event.

Link to VCC Radar

The ten most important questions for the Vienna Club Commission are being answered in a blog entry [in German].


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