Services of the Vienna Club Commission

The services of the Vienna Club Commission are available to all.

Please feel free to contact us for mentoring and advice at

We will help you directly or forward you to the right person.

Initial consultation: We will find out where the shoe pinches and provide you with the necessary information. If there is still a need for it, we will call in an appoproriate service agency

Ongoing mentoring: We also accompany projects from concept to inspections to the determination of suitability ("Eignungsfeststellung") and adaptation of operating facilities ("Betriebsanlagen").

Mentoring topics:

  • Acoustics (noise insulation, sound level measurements)
  • Events in the operating facilities, open airs, temporary uses
  • Expertises (sound expertises, ventilation)
  • Social policies (awareness, diversity, safe spaces, safer nightlife, female security personnel, Kulturpass)
  • Legal, legal advice
  • Financial (tax on foreigners, AKM, fair pay)
  • Sustainability (energy, waste avoidance, reusables)
  • Official requirements (operating facilities, suitability determinations)
  • Funding and Subsidies
  • Neighbors
  • Rooms and spaces
  • Search for locations

Workshops offer practical know-how on specific topics. All participants also share their experiences on the topic. Some workshops are held in cooperation with experts and established institutions. We recommend subscribing to the newsletter for upcoming dates (subscribe below).

Topics of the workshops: see mentoring topics

Topics of past workshops:

  • Funding
  • Vienna Event Act 2020
  • Music Cities

Upcoming dates

The Vienna Club Commission's Know How is a freely accessible knowledge database containing guides, best practices and toolboxes from national and international institutions.

Know How of the Vienna Club Commission: guidelines, checklists, best practices, glossary etc.

Know How of other institutions: Green Club Guide, review of submission documents, submission documents for approval of their operating facility, and much more.

Studies and reports on club culture: Art, Culture and Science Report of the City of Vienna, Research Report Club Culture Vienna, Model Spaces Berlin, female:pressure Facts, Global Nighttime Recovery Plan and many more.

Please contact us to find suitable experts for you via

Experts have know-how that complements that of the Vienna Club Commission. We will gladly put you in touch with them when needed.


  • Awareness
  • Data Privacy
  • Feminism
  • Financial (tax on foreigners, AKM, fair pay)Acoustics (noise insulation, sound level measurements)
  • Legal, legal advice
  • Lights
  • Media, Vinyl
  • Migrant club culture
  • Public relations
  • Queer club culture
  • Research
  • Safer Use
  • Sound
  • Sponsoring
  • Streaming
  • Sustainability
  • Tax Consultancy

VCC Radar

The VCC Radar makes it easier for event organizers to keep an eye on Vienna's music venues. A search function makes it easy to find the right space for an event.

Link to VCC Radar


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